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System Design


Solar Power Basics (PDF)

Solar Power Planning Workflow (PDF)

Introduction to Remote Power Systems (PDF)

Electricity Demand Worksheet (PDF)



renewableenergylabThe U. S. Department of Energy's premier laboratory for renewable energy research.

amwindenergyassocThe American Wind Energy Association is promoting wind energy as a clean renewable energy source.

These links provide helpful information on wind power with wind maps and charts:


asesAmerican Solar Energy Society is supporting solar energy for you and your environment.

provenwindProven Wind Turbines
The world's leading supplier of small wind turbines.


aeilogoThe Alternative Energy Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping educate folks in the use of renewable energy.

homeenergysollutionsHome Energy Solutions is a site for discussing pertinent questions on renewable energy, home efficiency, sustainable living, and much more.

The Northern California Solar Energy Association is activating nocalsolarcommunity support for making solar a primary energy source in the 21st century.


solarelectricThe Solar Electric Power Association is providing up to date news on photovoltaics.

The Sol West Renewable Energy Fair's goal is to educate ourselves asolwestnd the public on renewable energy uses, designs, systems and building techniques available through work shops, meetings and Energy Fairs.

Solar Energy International teaches Renewable Energy solarenergyintlEducation and Sustainable Development Technologies so that others will be empowered to use renewable energy technologies.

bergeylogoBergey WindPower Company is the world's leading supplier of small wind turbines.


swwindpowerSouthwest Windpower now offers wind turbines from 400 watts to 3000 watts.




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