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energy savings

Energy Savings

It's a good idea to get a home energy audit and invest in basic energy efficiency improvements for your home or business. Energy efficiency improvements are often the most cost effective investment you can make on your property. Most utilities provide basic audits for free. For a more thorough audit, and contractor follow up, Google your "Town / City Name + energy audit."

After reducing your total energy consumption to ideal levels, you should consider investing in renewable energy sources.

Federal Tax Credits, Utility Rebates, and Renewable Energy Credit markets are making solar and wind energy prices very competitive with fossil fuels.

Even if entirely financed, property owners can typically see an overall reduction in electricity expense within the first year.

If purchased outright, payback on a solar investment can occur in 10 years, but this varies greatly with your location and utility provider.

Long term savings typically add up to 100% or more on your net investment.

Please contact us today for a custom site assessment and savings analysis.




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